A Crucial Choice

The person we meet, date and become seriously involved with or marry, can have an enormous impact on each of us. Countless aspects of our life are consequently altered and shaped by the influence and character of the person(s) who we choose (or fail to choose) to share our life with. This decision can have significant effects on the lives of our children, those close to us and others we touch upon.

Considering the pervasive effects of this choice and the way it may alter the course of events in our life and the lives of others, our choice of a partner may be the most important decision we may ever make. Yet, many of us shop for an item of merchandise or seek a suitable job with more practicality, diligence and sensibility than we apply to finding an appropriate partner

May these thoughts contribute to the wisdom of your pursuits and choices and the quality of your life and the lives of those who your decisions will affect.

- Norman Mickey

Copyright ©1986-2017 Norman Mickey
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