Selection Reminder and Inactivation, Reactivation and Discontinuance

If our records indicate that you have not yet responded to a member who has selected you, you will receive a selection reminder. It is important that you respond as soon as possible as to whether or not you are interested in this person. If the reason you haven't responded is due to your temporary unavailability for relationship purposes, please let us know the reason so that your remaining membership and available selections may be preserved for a period of time if should decide to reactivate your membership (unless your membership is otherwise terminated for reasons mentioned in the membership agreement).

If the reason you haven't responded is due to an exclusive involvement with someone, and you are not interested in considering anyone else at this time, your membership can likewise be inactivated for a period of time. If you should marry, please let us know. Upon marriage your membership will of course terminate.

Please respond to the person(s) who are awaiting your response or let us know the reason for your delay. Also please let us know if you are seriously involved with one of our members so that we can keep track of romances, engagements and marriages between members. Click here to report an exclusive relationship, engagement or marriage or to be inactivated or discontinued for some other reason.

In any event, if a member who selected you is still awaiting your response, please respond to the member as to whether or not you are interested with a positive or negative response, or notify us as to why you can't, as soon as possible. It is extremely discouraging for a member who has high hopes about you, to be left in suspense, anxiously awaiting your response. A prompt response suggests something about your character and is much appreciated by us and the member who chose you. If you don't respond to the person(s) who chose you, or we do not hear from you within the next 30 days, your membership will ordinarily be inactivated (or may even be terminated under certain circumstances).

In keeping with our philosophy, we hope that you will carefully review available information about this person (as opposed to a snap judgment based on superficial impressions) before coming to a decision. We thank you in advance for responding to this notification as soon as you can. We're sure you'll appreciate the same courtesy when awaiting a response from someone you have selected.

Reactivation: A member may request to reactivate their membership either by contacting the Video Introductions office or via the log-in link on the home page of the website. However if a member has any members still awaiting a selection response from the time before the inactive member went inactive, the inactive member must be prepared to provide a positive or negative selection response to those members in order to be reactivated.

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