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Use of Membership
and Selection and Dating Strategy

Video Introductions offers a comprehensive program designed to enable you to meet other singles and enhance the quality of your relationships through photos, profiles, videos, compatibility testing, personal growth and singles counseling. Like many other endeavors in life, what you get out of your membership is largely related to what you put into it. Your success with this program will be enhanced through the appropriate use of the various resources that Video Introductions makes available to you. Although we can't guarantee a date (only an escort service can do that), we do offer some sound advice and a comprehensive program for your use. Dating effectively and handling relationships appropriately is a learned skill. We provide you with knowledge and tools to help accomplish your relationship objectives. We hope you'll seriously consider our suggestions and make use of the various resources that are made available, in order to maximize your relationship awareness and success with our program.
Member Guide

A. Choose the right membership plan - usually much better results with better plans.

B. Make several selections upon joining. A common mistake is to make too few selections initially. Making several selections will enhance your chances of meeting more persons and meeting them sooner than you might otherwise.

C. What about waiting for someone to select you? Results are usually much less satisfactory than being more assertive in your approach. Although you can avoid the possibility of rejection by not selecting anyone, you may also avoid the possibility of success as a result. You'll be dependent on persons who might venture to chose you and you'll be much less likely to meet members that you prefer. Moreover, if you're on a Passive membership plan where you must wait to be selected and someone you'd like to meet is on this same plan, there's no way that either of you can let the other person know that you're interested. Because you join a singles organization to get results, it doesn't usually make much sense to wait around hoping to be selected, when you can readily find out who reciprocates an interest in you through use of a more effective plan, where you can make selections as well as being selected. Ordinarily, use the Passive plan only if you can't afford a better one and consider upgrading to a more effective plan when and if you are able.

D. Upgrading. If you've used up all of your selections or you're on a plan where you can't make selections, you may upgrade your membership to a better plan of your choice. During your term of memberhip, any membership fees paid on a less expensive plan can be applied toward a better membership plan.

E. Member profiles, photos and videotapes. Are they representative? Updated? If you've chosen to supply your own photos, don't display only a photo from several years ago without identifying it as such, or you may both be disappointed when you meet in person. If you're reluctant to do a videotaped interview, please keep in mind that some members may want to see a video to get a more accurate impression of who you are. Members often feel more comfortable about choosing you or responding to you, when you have a videotaped interview available for review.  Have you drawn attention to your special qualities that make you stand apart from other members? Our professional video and photos can draw attention to these qualities. You can also send us a video you've prepared. However, on the video do not include your last name, phone number, where you work, or another means of locating you. This prevents someone from contacting you without your consent and it allows us to track member selections and responses. On videos and profiles, please keep in mind that we expect honest self-marketing vs. deceptive hype .

F. Restrictive standards and statements. Don't be rigid in specifying what you want in a partner. This can be very self defeating. You'll rule out a lot of candidates and wonder why you're not being selected as often, or having as much success as some members who do not have restrictive qualifications. There are desirable exceptions to most preconceived notions, and some preconceived notions about who is right for you don't make much sense in the final analysis. You'll expand your opportunities and probably attract more interested candidates to choose from, if you'll heed this important advice.

G. Unrealistic expectations. Don't expect a "10" if you're a "5". However, this certainly doesn't mean that you shouldn't try. It does mean that you should be realistic about your chances of success.

H. Number of selections made and positive response ratio. Keep in mind that you may have a lower success ratio if you pick only the most popular members.

I. Make things happen. Some people make things happen for them, some people let things happen to them, and some people don't seem to understand much about why things happen to them. Our program is designed to give you a lot of control over what happens to you. Unlike some dating services, we do not decide who is right for you. Even though we provide you with a wealth of information about prospective partners including helpful information from a partner compatibility questionnaire, we are aware that there are many unidentified and unmeasurable personal variables which are unique to each person, that influence why one person is a good fit and another is not. We provide a refined process based on many years of experience, which gives you access to photos, profiles and videos of members, along with practical advice, relationship testing, assessment tools and professional guidance, so that you can make sensible decisions about who is right for you. You play a major role in the cause and effect dynamics of what happens to you in life. Instead of waiting and hoping for the right person to come along, we want you to take charge of your life and assume some responsibility finding the right person. Our unique program offers a wonderful opportunity to gain a better understanding of what you have to do to get and keep a satisfying relationship. Please take advantage of this opportunity and take the necessary steps to improve the quality of your life.

J. Frequency of reviewing profiles and making selections. In general, more selections = more dates. Regular review of the member profiles gives you a competitive advantage - "the early bird get the...".

K. Selection and response considerations:

  1. New members, old members and reactivating members. Don't look only for new members. We find that as you go through the member profiles a second, third and more times, you often discover interesting persons you initially passed over. You'll also find reactivating members. You can also review photo-profiles of inactive members in albums in the office and we can notify an inactive member that you are interested in them, just in case they should want to reactivate, and it won't count as one of your selections unless they should decide to reactivate and give you an answer. However, inactive members are not displayed on the web site.

  2. Very attractive and/or accomplished members - expect more competition.

  3. Review all available information carefully when choosing and when responding, including the video when available. Don't make the mistake of making a superficial judgment based only on the photo or minimal information. You may avoid some unnecessary dates and find some pleasant surprises by taking the time to look beneath the surface. Please don't ask us to give you an assessment of someone's looks or superficial desirability. This is an individual decision that you must make. Moreover, if your decision is based primarily on their looks, keep in mind that you'll have to live with their other qualities after you may tire of their looks or their looks are gone. On the other hand, if you'd like help in determining compatibility we provide many tools to help you, and we also have a licensed counselor available for a fee to assist you in making sensible decisions.

L. Risk taking - understanding the success and rejection relationship. The importance of philosophy and attitude. Did you know that former home run king Babe Ruth was also a strikeout king?

L. Lag time considerations (the time between making selections and getting responses). More choices help. Some members respond promptly and some don't despite our efforts. Please don't feel hurt or angry if a member doesn't respond promptly - simply make more selections. If a member hasn't responded within one month we remind them. If a member hasn't responded within two months, that member is normally pulled from active status and you may substitute another selection. Similarly, if a member chooses to go inactive (which incidentally, preserves their remaining membership time), you may likewise substitute another selection. By the same token, please respond promptly yourself when you're selected, or you'll end up being placed on inactive status. We ask you to give members the courtesy of a prompt response. Even if you're not interested in a person or you're reluctant to hurt their feelings, it's better to let them know right away rather than leave them in suspense. A prompt response also says something about your character.

M. Refer a friend. You'll not only be doing your friend a favor, you may also receive credit toward an upgraded membership or other services. If your friend purchases a membership and gives your name as the source of referral at the time they join, you'll receive 25% of the membership price paid toward an upgraded membership plan or other V.I. services. 

O. Personal growth features of the organization. Make use of them.

P. Partner Compatibility Questionnaire - yours. If you haven't already done so, please complete your questionnaire so that it will be accessible to members through our unique, computer partner compatibility search process. Be open and honest. In doing so you will attract someone who's compatible with you, as opposed to who you may attract if you say what you think is the "right" or politically correct answer. Be sure to fill out both part 1 and part 2 of the questionnaire as completely as possible. Although you may avoid entering answers to questions that you may feel uncomfortable about or don't understand, it is important that you complete as many as possible, because if not enough answers are completed, your questionnaire can't be accepted and you won't be able to do a compatibility search or be found by other members when they attempt to find how compatible they may be with you.

Q. Partner Compatibility Questionnaire - theirs. It provides a more in-depth review of who they are. If you take the time to access this information, similarities and dissimilarities become apparent, interpersonal compatibility is assessed, your compatibility awareness increases and you're more likely to find an appropriate partner.

R. Partner Compatibility Questionnaire - Similarity, Compatibility and Discrepancy. These are three different relationship factors measured by the questionnaire that provide you with useful information about yourself and the person you are seeking. Use this information not only to aid you in your search but also to become aware of things about yourself or your choices which may be inhibiting your relationship success.

T. Professional assistance. Although we try to be helpful, we can't always resolve a problem which may benefit from professional expertise. If a staff person suggests that you may benefit from this approach, respect their judgment that this is something that another professional can better help you with.

U. Individual and couple counseling. Use a professional counselor as a resource. We have counseling available on an hourly fee basis.

V. Be positive and considerate. It's contagious. Negative and inconsiderate persons don't attract or retain good relationships. Moreover, consider doing unto others as they would have you do unto them. If you're having a lot of difficulty treating people as they should be treated, please seriously consider our counseling program.

W. Use our ethics complaint procedure to alert us to any serious problem you may encounter with another member.

X. Use and review the information we have provided as a frame of reference and a members guide to the philosophy, approach and effective use of Video Introductions program.

Y. If you are at a competitive disadvantage compared to some members who may be more attractive, taller, younger, thinner, more successful, etc., increase your chances of success simply by making more selections and letting the numerical odds work for you. One of our less attractive members had more dates than the average member, despite numerous turn downs. He had more dates not because he had more going for him (he didn't), and not because he had a higher positive response ratio (it was lower than average). It was simply because of the volume of selections he made and his willingness to accept a lot of rejection in order to achieve success!

Z. Get a clear view of your priorities and goals. Life is short and precious. Don't waste it by failing to focus on what is really important. If a good relationship is what is really important to you, prioritize it and invest in it, and commit to the necessary time, effort and resources to achieve it. To illustrate, after achieving tremendous financial success and all that money could buy, J. Paul Getty - one of the richest man in the world, came to a very important realization. During an interview discussing his life and accomplishments, he made a profound statement that he would give his entire fortune for one lasting, intimate relationship.

ZZ. Make and adhere to a plan intended to achieve your objectives as a single.
In order to attempt to achieve my goals as a single and maximize my success through Video Introductions program, I intend to do the following:

My Plan Of Action (In order to retain any information you've entered below from your computer, please print this page upon completion of your entries).

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