dating scam photoDating Safely With Video Introductions


1.     Be careful of meeting someone whose identity hasn’t been adequately verified. If you suspect that their identity or important information about them is different than what they purport it to be, notify our office.

2.     Although a photo is required at Video Introductions, did the person provide their own photo or was the photo taken at our office or by a representative? When was the photo taken? If a photo was taken at our office, or was taken or provided by a representative, a photo verification symbol appears on their member profile beneath their photo along with the year the photo was taken. However we can’t guarantee that a photo taken or provided by a representative elsewhere or outside of the country will have the absolute authenticity of a photo taken at our office. When a member provides their own photo they are encouraged to state the year they recall the photo was taken. If they state the year the photo was taken, it appears beneath their photo on their member profile without a photo verification symbol.

3.     Is there a video of the person? An optional video provides a wealth of information about someone. However not everyone has access to a video recording device. A video can be done at our office or uploaded on our website or sent to us. Was a video done at our office or by a representative? Did the person provide a self-made video? Does the video match the physical characteristics of the photo on their member profile? Does the voice on the video sound the same as the voice in a phone conversation?

4.     If you provide a video don’t include your last name, address, phone number, work phone number, or any other means to contact you. This kind of information is not permitted on your member profile as well.

5.     Talk to a person on a phone call before actually meeting them. What is the phone number they are calling from? Is it their home phone number or a cell phone number or another phone number bearing their name? Do you notice any inconsistencies in a phone conversation compared to who they say they are? Phone conversations are usually preferable to texting or emailing, because phone conversations are more likely to allow clarification of issues or misunderstandings that can be resolved on the spot – and you can better assess someone based on the way they express themselves over the phone (tone of voice, accent/dialect, emotions expressed, responsiveness, etc.). Do any inconsistencies become apparent in contrast to what the person indicated on their member profile or video? Are there issues or relationship conflicts emanating from the Video Introductions Partner Compatibility Questionnaire information or relationship assessments?  If either of you hasn’t completed the questionnaire, do so - or you may miss out on some valuable information that may clarify whether you still want to meet each other.

6.     Report any misrepresentations to our office.

7.     Meet in a safe public place and let an acquaintance know where you will be meeting and what time you’ll be likely to return. Set up a time when you can check in with them and notify them if there is a change in plans. If drinking, don’t drink more than you should and be aware of what goes into your drink.

8.     Report any suspicions about a person or any misbehavior to our office.

9.     Don’t travel to another country to meet someone without support services and a representative in that country to help you, especially if there is a language problem. Use an office approved go-between before a trip to help evaluate the legitimacy and intentions of both persons.

10.  Do not send or give money or a gift card to this person or to someone else they ask you to send it to. After a period of developing a long distance romantic relationship without actually meeting each other, a scam artist may offer some believable reasons why they cannot yet meet you, and then ask for money to help with an emergency. If someone offers to put a check in your bank account to assure you of something or for something they ask you to do, beware - it may bounce or implicate you in a scheme. If a person makes threats including revealing any embarrassing false or damaging information about you, unless you consent to a money demand or another kind of request that they may make, report this immediately to our office.


Another kind of dating safety to think about before a date: If you should decide to have sex with someone you have recently met, use protection to prevent disease or an unwanted pregnancy. A few moments of careless pleasure can lead to a lifetime of regret.


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