Romantic Reminders            

Those who trust in chance or fate
seldom find their proper mate.

Those who settle for what comes by
miss what doesn't and choice deny.

Those who withhold signs of attraction
neglect to discover another's reaction.

Those who fail to make feelings known
can't plan to reap what isn't sown.

Those who rebuff friendly advances
may thereby spurn potential romances.

Those who deem that another's improper
might first assess what they've to offer.

Those who don't give, expecting to take
will find it is they who others forsake.

And those who resort to deception and games
lose the open and honest and keep who remains.

Such common mistakes easily discourage
so if this applies, summon some courage.

To risk and to grow is not without pain
but errors ignored bring more of the same.

Prudently seek your romantic link
and do not fear what others think,

for when you achieve what you desire
it's your good judgement they'll admire.

                                           - Norman Mickey

Copyright © 1980 Norman Mickey
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